Spanish Synagogue


The venue - Spanish Synagogue

The concerts take place in the youngest synagogue of historical Prague Jewish Quarter. The synagogue, which got the name after specific type of Moorish decoration, arose on the spot of previous 12th century „AltSchool“, after the middle of 19th century. The design of the building is the work of Josef Niklas and Jan Bělský, while the interiors were designed by Antonín Baum and Bedřich Münzberger. Its mural paintings enthuses every visitor.

Since its opening the synagogue has been considered as reformed place. During WWII it was converted into the storage of precious objects, especially silver pieces from many other synagogues from the rest of the country, under communist regime it was closed for public and was not opened until 1999. Today, there are regular services here, including weddings and it is owned by the Jewish Museum in Prague.

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