Fewer practicing people together with active Christians begin to prepare for Christmas - celebrating the birth of Christ. With Christmas is related Advent, which serves as a preparation for the feast. Czech society in Europe belongs to less practicing, but Advent and Christmas commemorates the majority of the nation. Advent is the period before Christmas. The first Sunday of Advent falls mostly between November 27 and December 3. This year's Advent began on November 29. Advent is usually associated with a wreath and four candles, which gradually ignite every Sunday. The first candle is a monument to the prophets, the other is so called Bethlehem, the third and fourth shepherd called also Angelic.
One of the Advent traditions in our country are so called. Barbs - cut twigs most of cherries on 4 December. If the twigs blossom out to unmarried girl, then she probably will get married next year.
People decorate their homes with mistletoe, they put lead, sliced ​​apples.
Christmas tree tradition in our country starts in the first half of the 19th century. The first Christmas tree in our country introduced the then director of Prague's Estates Theatre Jan Karel Liebich in the year 1812. From the 40s of the 19th century the Christmas trees extended to Czech households. People are decorating gingerbread, paper ornaments, candles later or glass ornaments.

Czechs celebrate New Year´s Eve 24th December. Traditional dinner consists of fish soup, fried carp and potato salad.
During the twentieth century, there is a tradition of Christmas trees in the squares, including Christmas markets. Known are markets in the countries of our neighbors - as in Nuremberg, Vienna, Dresden and Meissen.

The Christmas Markets in Prague were identified by tourists as one of the most popular. This year's Christmas tree in Old Town Square was brought spruce from the Česká Lipa - thy city of Norh Bohemia.
Christmas markets are also held in the lower part of Wenceslas Square, the Republic Square, Smíchov district at the Angel, in the square náměstí Míru, the square of George of Poděbrady and many other places.

10th December 2015