Cubist building House at Black Madonna in the Old Town of Prague hosts the art of the same kind - cubism.


The building of the Museum of decorative arts from the end of 19th Century is undergoing renovation and that´s why some of its collections temporally found new locations as for example Czech cubism. This unique art from the beginning of 20th Century, whose spiritual father in painting field is Pablo Picasso, was installed in also cubist building - one of the most precious of that kind in Central Europe - House at black Madonna.

Characteristics of cubism:  The sharp edges, intersecting planes, crystalline structures – the typical elements of Czech Cubism. The building itself - House at black Madonna by Josef Gočár is excellent representative of here presented art.

What the visitors can expect? Interior design and décor of the 1911–1914 period, up to the early 1920s presented by Pavel Janák, Josef Gočár, Vlastislav Hofman, Josef Chochol, Otakar Novotný or Antonín Procházka. Pottery, ironwork, ornamental wallpaper designs, posters and applied art used as complements to representative selection of significant furniture suites and standalone pieces. The range of the artist names would not be complete without mentioning names of significant Czech painters as Emil Filla, Bohumil Kubišta, Josef Čapek, Václav Špála and Otokar Kubín or sculptor Otto Gutfreund.

As an integral part of the exhibition there is also an active zone focused to Cubist furniture. Unlike of many other “do not touch” exhibits here you can sit down and try how Cubism feels.

After viewing everything and you get tired you can find the shelter in fames in Prague Grand Café Orient.

The exhibition is available from Dec 3, 2015 until Dec 31, 2017.

The text of this article was written based on information published by Prague city tourism, pictures borrowed from Prague.eu.

The address of the exhibition: Ovocný trh 19, Praha 1 - Staré Město - Old Town.