Free admission days in National Gallery in Prague, on February 3 and 4 2018


During this weekend, National Gallery is celebrating 222nd anniversary of its foundation. This will be presented by Free admission days. Nowadays National Gallery was established in the year 1796 by the group of Bohemian and Moravian enlightened noblemen along with several middle-class intellectuals as Society of Patriotic Friends of the Arts. During following 19th Century came to the origin two organizations, which so far hadn´t existed yet in Prague - the Academy of Fine Arts and the publicly accessible Picture Gallery of the Society of Patriotic Friends of the Arts. Before the end of 19th century was set up the Modern Gallery of the Bohemian Kingdom, as a private foundation of Emperor Franz Joseph I. The Modern Gallery then began to build its core collection of 20th century art. After the origin of Czechoslovak Republic in 1919 Vincenc Kramář was appointed the Gallery's director. He succeeded to buy significant collection of Picaso drawings.
After World War II based on Law No. 148/1949 Coll., the nowadays-National Gallery in Prague was founded. During last about sixty years the gallery has won several important buildings in Prague, e.g. it is scattered in several places through the city, but it cooperate with partners also in the places out of our capital as for example with Kinský family in Žďár nad Sázavou or in Karviná-Fryštát. Since the year 2015 all young visitors up to 26 years have free admission to permanent exhibitions.
During Free admission days the visitors will have free entrance into all permanent exhibition halls. Even more - lots of activities are prepared by lecturers. They usually last about 15 – 30 minutes – different commented tours you can join them when visiting Free admission days. Just to mention – Convent of St. Agnes Saturday at 11.00: Year 1348: significant foundation of Charles IV. - high learning in Prague, New Town of Prague, Karlstejn, Veletržní palác (Fair Trade palace of NG Prague) – basically every 15 or 30 minutes during both of Free Admission days there are available short comments as 13.15 Functionalist jewel, 12.30 Toyen, on Sunday at 3:00 PM Styles and Stories - Portraits of the Renaissance Nobility held in Šternberk palace etc.


The photos: www.ngprague.cz