Masopust as a celebration before Ash Wednesday and Easter


February is the month of folklore traditional Slavic or other (known also in Germany) carnivals – it´s not common only for our country, but you can find it also in Slovakia, Poland, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria and many other places. In Czech Republic we have different names for this historical celebration – especially Masopust or Šibřinky.

Masopust represents ceremonial procession of masks as a part of the festivity which goes through a village with music. In many places liquor, eggs, ham or doughnuts are collected and consumed later on in a pub during a village party. 
Masopust carnival festivity foregoes to liturgical holiday of Lenten period begins started by Ash Wednesday before Easter. This year the Ash Wednesday is declared on Wednesday 26, 2020 which means all Masopusts can be organized until that time. 
Last Saturday, on February 8, 2020 we already took a part in one of them – Lesser Town and Hradčany in Prague, organized by Prague 1 and Municipal Police – starting traditionally at 1:00 PM from U Černého vola pub, walking down through Hradčany and Malá Strana, following Nerudova Street, stop, ping at the places as U Dvou slunců, U kocoura, U hrocha, ending and celebrating in Kampa under Charles Bridge.

In next days and weeks just in Prague or close surroundings there will be perfect occasions to attend one of these Masopust carnivals – Masopust. 
Among a good choice of similar festivals ranks that from Roztoky – founded by local patriots about 22 years ago – From Prague 6 – Vítězné náměstí you just take the bus 340 or 350 every 15 minutes, going there less than 15 minutes – big fun, highly recommended Parade of big masks, you can rent a mask from community, some of them measure also 3 meters. Delicates, beer, Central Bohemian museum in Roztoky u Prahy, the afternoon march, meeting of the other villages citizens as from Únětice, Suchdol and other. 
Don’t miss also very famous masopust in Žižkov held on Tuesday, February 25, 2020 from 10:00 am