Master John Huss Year

The year 2015 is dedicated to the 600 anniversary martyr death of the Czech reformer Master John Huss. He was burned July 6 1415 at the stake in Constance for his views and criticism of the Catholic Church. This theologian, preacher and Master of Prague University was to be one of the leading religious authorities, whose ideas spread beyond Czech borders. Together with the English theologian John Wycliff he is being called as the father of the European Reformation.

– Jan Hus was born and raised in Prachatice in Southern Bohemia.

– In 1396, he became Master of the Liberal Arts, and later Rector of Prague University.

– From 1402 onward he preached in the Bethlehem Chapel, the purpose: built for Czech sermons.

– During the Papal Schism he sought to right the straying Church – he rejected its wealth, opposed its selling of indulgences.

– He studied and spread the works of John Wycliff e, albeit these were decreed heretical by the Papal Curia. Hus was censured, and Prague put under an Interdict. – In October 1414 he set off to the Council of Constance to redeem himself. He was not given the chance, was branded a heretic, arrested and imprisoned. His work was publicly destroyed and he died by burning at the stake before the city gates.

– His ashes were thrown into the Rhine, so the man who’d sought to right the Church should perish without trace. Paradoxically, it was the death of Hus that most served to spread his views and let to the Hussite movement.

The National Jan Hus Festival – basic information

Key events of the Festival include:

    Prague – Václav Havel International Airport. Exhibition: ‘Jan Hus—tracing his influence from the 15th century to the present day.’ Date: 11 June–August 2015. Organiser: Jan Hus 600 interest group.

    Prague – Charles University, in the Karolinum exhibition area. Exhibition: “Jan Hus and Prague University”. Date: from the 28 April–28 August 2015. Organiser: Charles University.

     Prague - Betlehem chapel - concert, services

     Prague - the Old Town Square, the church of st. Nicolas

     Prague - the church of st. Martin in the wall

    Prague - Waldstein Garden. A cultural and spiritual celebration of Hus’ anniversary for the general public: ‘Living Hus’. Date: 6 July 2015, opening at 4pm. Organiser: České studny interest group.

    Husinec (the South Bohemia birthplace of Jan Hus). Many cultural events, starting early Spring 2015: special events 5–6 July organised by the town of Husinec. More information: www.husinec.cz/mistr-jan-hus/600-let