Pilsen - European capital of culture

For this year achieved our regional city of Pilsen the title of European capital of culture - together with Belgic city Mons. During whole year it represents parade of cultural events, exhibitions, workshops, meetings of the people. Music, films projection, festivals, theatres both indoor, as well as street performances. Among expected events belongs the traditional Biennial of the puppet theatre Skupa’s Pilsen, opening of avant-garde Loos interiors, festival Lively Street and especially highly expected festival Nine weeks of Baroque.

The project Capital of Culture is a European Union designation that has started in 1985 as an idea to bring greater understanding among the various cultures in Europe and help develop tourism in regions. The winning cities invite artists from across their own region as well as the rest of the Continent. The designation can serve as a catalyst to a city’s cultural life and also is an opportunity to improve infrastructure with new theaters and cultural centers.