Repairs of Old Town city hall Tower and the Astronomical clock in following 24 months

A part of the Old Town city hall in Prague will be undergoing in short future reconstruction. This is a general renovation of the building´s envelope of the tower of Old Town city hall in Prague. It will be realized in several stages. The first works  have already started in these days, from the beginning of March the Tower will get the coat from scaffolding. The Old Town city hall tower itself will be closed to its visitors from April 2017 until about November ´17. During following winter 2017/2018 will be then closed the City hall´s chapel and during next spring (2018) will be demounted the Astronomical clock - the very attraction of the Old Town City Hall of Prague. If you really want to enjoy wonderful view from this spot, please, hurry up. You have less than two months left. BellPrague can prepare nice Old Town tours for you.

The Old Town city hall took the origin due to privilege granted by Bohemian king John of Luxembourg given to Praguers in the year 1338. For this purpose was purchased the house with the tower from Prague merchant Wolflin. The tower was later on extended and since 1410 provided by today world famous Astronomical clock. Whole Old Town city hall was during next centuries several times augmented; its youngest part was added in the middle of 19th Century. Unfortunately the last day of WWII it was damaged. The Old Town city hall serves today to the tourists, as a wedding hall and exhibitions´ purposes as well.

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