The Butterflies in the green house Fata Morgana in Prague 8 - Trója


Already 15th exhibition of popular tropical butterflies has opened famous greenhouse Fata Morgana of Botanical garden in Prague 8 - Troja district. For its festive opening were invited famous female patrons from Czech show business with their kids as the actress Vendula Křížová and children Anežka, Albert and Ferdinand , singer Leona Machálková and her son Artur and the president of foundation the Drop of Hope and her son Jakub. Beautiful handsome, but fragile flyers are permanently admired both by children as well as by adult visitors.

Butterfly exhibition ranks to those most popular among both Praguers as well as the visitors of Prague. That´s why Botanical garden decided to plan its program longer then last years - for seven weeks - from April 4 until May 28, 2017. The visitors thus will have longer time to admire this “flying beauty. "They can see more than 50 kinds of butterflies that will gradually hatch from 6500 pupae imported from butterfly farms from Stratford upon Avon." 

The whole Botanical garden in Prague - Troja dedicated this year to American continent. Which means also the butterflies mainly will be of this origin including for example butterflies from San Salvador. There will also be interesting species from other parts of the tropical world.

The attention of the visitors is not attracted solely by the adult butterflies, but also by pupae due to their diversity and unusual shapes. At this stage of their development butterflies they are vulnerable, therefore, they appear different mimicry and camouflage that prevents their detection by predator. Pupae then often resemble dry leaves, twigs and unripe fruits. "The most beautiful exhibits include a pupa of Asian specie of euploea camarelzeman for the first time exhibited that its golden color and luster reminiscent of Christmas Ornaments". Says curator Eva Smržová and adds: "However this color on a background of tropical forest blends in and pupa here is also almost invisible".

The visitors can get learnt different legends, what the butterflies symbolized for Aztecs and what stories associate with them today Japanese. Butterflies are a symbol of freedom, beauty and transformation, but sometimes lightheartedness and superficiality.

Open daily: from April 4 - till May 28, 2017, every day from 9:00 am - 6:00 pm. 

Closed these Mondays 10 and 24 April and 15 and 22 May

How to get there: bus 112 from Metro line C, metro station Nádraží Holešovice change for bus No 112 up to the bus stop Zoologická zahrada/Botanická zahrada

The text adjusted on the basis of press releases issued by the press department of the Botanical Gardens in Prague - Troja. The pictures granted by the same source.