The exhibitions dedicated by Prague castle to the year of Charles IV - The Crown of the Kingdom: Charles IV and the Cathedral of St. Vitus


At the occasion of 700 anniversary of the birth of bohemian king and the emperor of Holy Roman Kingdom Charles IV - born May 14, 1316 - is being organizes many of exhibits and events. Charles IV had during his reign Prague castle repaired and he also governed from here. That´s why there is no wonder that exactly Prague castle prepared and opened complex of exhibitions - seven pillars - compared to seven centuries which went past from the birth of this ruler of European importance.

The celebrations of Charles´ IV birth started by extraordinaire exhibit of the Czech crown jewels - so called Saint Wenceslas crown, orb and scepter were displayed for two weeks in Vladislav´s hall of Old Royal Palace. The exhibition attended around 30 000 visitors.

In Riding school of Prague castle is held until the end of September 2016 the exhibition The Crown of the Kingdom: Charles IV and the Cathedral of St. Vitus. The cathedral of St. Vitus, Saint Wenceslas and Adalbert. Have you ever succeed to climb up to the cathedral of St. Vitus? Not yet? By visiting this exhibit you can approach this dream. The task of this exhibition is to approach to ordinary visitors the places usually unavailable - as inner or outer triforiums. Sculptural masterpieces from 14th century are available through faithful plaster casts. Yu can see the faces of the rulers and their family members, number of mascarons, decorations, gargoyles and sculptural gems of Peter Parler´s high gothic workshop, which operated in the court of the emperor Charles IV. For a little while you can wander around this trifforium.

The exhibition is available from May 15, 2016 until Sep 28, 2016.

The text of this article was written based on information published by Hrad.cz.

The address of the exhibition: Riding School of Prague Castle, U Prašného mostu Street No 7, Pražský hrad/Prague castle, Praha 1/ Prague 1 - Hradčany.