Václav Havel - 5th Anniversary of his death



Yesterday we commemorated 5th anniversary from the death of the first president of the Czechoslovak and later Czech Republic after the fall of communisms - Václav Havel.

Havel was born in 1936 in the family of famous Prague builder (even grandfather was famous builder) Václav Maria Havel and costume designer Božena Havlová née Vavrečková. Just after his mother side he was the grandson of the Czechoslovak diplomat from the times of our first Republic, while after his father he was a grandson of the builder of significant cultural complex in Prague - palace Lucerna www.lucerna.cz (Lantern).

Václav Havel wanted to become film director, but due to his family backround at the time of communism, when he was young, he could not study and humane sciences. In 1960s he became theatre dramaturge.

After soviet occupation of our country, after 1968 he was permanently watched by secret police, especially after writing his pamphlet about human rights in Czechoslovak Republic so called Charta 77. Until 1989 he spent together about 5 years in prison, last time he was arrested in spring 1989.

As the most significant dissident Václav Havel was after the fall of communist regime after 40 years of totalitarian system elected as the first post-communist president, at the first as the president of Czechoslovak Republic and after the split of the republic he was elected twice as the president of the Czech Republic.

For example in Prague yesterday in Jungmann Square in city center and the other places of the country were read the text of Václav Havel, in St. Vitus cathedral was celebrated the mass by Archbishop of Prague and a cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church Dominik Duka.

Shortly after his election as a president of Czechoslovak Republic Václav Havel performed one of his first military parades where his pants were (by mistake) remarkably short. After many years, the day of his death Anniversary, his supporters wear short pants. Yesterday jointed them also US Ambassador in Prague Andrew Schapiro.

Links: www.hrad.cz; www.katedralasvatehovita.czhttps://charta77.wordpress.com/