Welcoming of Early Spring in Royal garden of Prague castle & Anniversary of Maria Teresa



Already fifth time the visitors cane welcome early spring in Prague castle. This is exactly the name of exhibit in North castle garden. At the time, when the gardens around the body of Prague castle are still closed due to winter season the exception for Royal garden is arranged and the visitors can attend during two weeks in March gorgeous parade of bulb flowers as hyacinths, narcissus, amaryllis, tulips, lapwings and others plants.

As this year is dedicated to 300rd anniversary of the birth of Maria Teresa, the empress of Holy Roman Empire, the ruler of central Europe with lots of titles among them also queen of Bohemian kingdom crowned in Prague, St. Vitus cathedral in May 1743, whole season will be dedicated to the memory of the extraordinary personality from Habsburg dome. Part of “Welcoming of Early Spring” exhibition is thus focused on this part of Castle history. Maria Teresa had Prague castle significantly restored from former gothic and renaissance appearance into modern baroque representative royal and imperial residence of the monarch. Most of the works were directed by Nicola Pacassi and they were concentrated in western part of Prague castle, nevertheless the first modification initiated in opposite, Eastern part of Prague castle, when former Rožmberský palace was restyled into the Institute of Gentlewomen. Starting from May 2017 exactly here you can attend vast exhibit dedicated to Mother of nations - Maria Teresa.

Flower exhibit in Royal castle garden: 3rd March - 12 March 2017, 10:00 am - 5:30pm, last visitors entrance at 5:00 pm

Fee: 20,- CZK

Access: the best way is taking the tram 22 from Lesser Town direction out of the city, get off at the stop “Pražský hrad”. As Prague castle is submitted to security measurements, the visit of Royal garden is excluded these controls, only random checks will be conducted.