Sunday - December 22, 2019, 3:00 pm Christmas concert: J. J. Ryba: Czech Christmas Mass in Chapel of mirrors in Clementinum, Old Town of Prague


Jakub Jan Ryba (1765 – 1815) was a Czech teacher and composer of classical music, also Mozart´s contemporary. His most famous work is Czech Christmas Mass "Hey, Master!" (Česká mše vánoční "Hej mistře!"). Czechs hardly can image Christmas without his mass. Come to experience something so specific for our country in Klementinum´s Chapel of Mirrors in Old Prague

Christmas concert in Clementinum´s Chapel of Mirrors in Prague 

Pragram of the concert:

  • A. Vivaldi: Gloria
  • J. J. Ryba: Slavíček, Jak rozkošné (Christmas song)
  • Jan Jakub Ryba: Czech Christmas Mass

Performing: Orchestra Benedictus – Choir Adalbert & soloists, conductor: A. Melichar (State Opera) & Baroque Organ  

Duration: 60 minutes

The venue is heated, the concert last about 65 minutes


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The address of the concert:

Klementinum - Mirrors' Chapel
Karlova 1
110 00 Praha 1 - Staré Město

How to get to this concert:

Klementinum - also known as Clementinum is situated on the right bank of the river Vltava, the Chapel of Mirrors is located inside. From Charles Bridge you can follow Karlova Street. Klementinum complex is on your left. After about 300 meters walk you’ll see the entrance gate. The Chapel of Mirrors is then inside in front of you after about 100 meters.
Alternatively you can enter Klementinum from Mariánské náměstí Square (eastern gate), after you are arriving from the Old Town Square or metro Staroměstská, respectively tram 17 or 18.

Let’s celebrate Christmas with Ryba´s mass in Prague together!

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