Thursday - March 4, 2021, 9:30 am Jewish Quarter public tour


During the tour of the Jewish Quarter in Prague, you will learn more about the history of our neighbors, who have always formed an integral part of our society, a distinctive culture and historical heritage. Their destinies and stories. Why the ghetto was created in the past, how everyday life lived in them. What Jews were allowed, what they were not allowed or, on the contrary, had to do or endure, unlike the majority population. You will learn how the Jewish quarter has changed its face, what slum clearance means and what is left of the ghetto to this day. You will learn the troubled fate of Jews during the 20th century and why barely several thousand of them live in our country today.

During our walk we will visit a total of 4 synagogues, including the oldest preserved Jewish cemetery in our territory and the oldest active synagogue in Europe. Gradually you will have the opportunity to enter the Maisel Synagogue from the 16th century, where we will talk about the arrival of Jews in our territory and their emancipation, from the 15th century is the Pinkas Synagogue, where we honor the memory of Holocaust victims, go through the old Jewish cemetery and show some tombstones, in the Klausen Synagogue we will talk about customs and traditions and in the end we will enter the oldest active synagogue on the European continent, which was gradually built at the turn of the 13th and 14th centuries - Old-New synagogue. We will also show you the Hebrew clock and you can enjoy the breathtaking Art Nouveau architecture of the area.

The price per person in the package - guide services already includes this unique ticket and in addition a comfortable conference listening device. All participants will hear the same.
The final price in individual categories is a combination of the BellPrague pricing policy and at the same time the ticket prices of the Jewish Museum in Prague and the Prague Jewish Community.

The dates and times of the tours: almost every day besides Saturdays, start at 9:30AM.


The meeting point for the tour:

Franz Kafka Square
on the corner of a house with a bust of Franz Kafka
Praha 1 – Josefov
110 00


How to get there:

Franz Kafka Square is located on the border of the Old Town of Prague and Josefov, just a few steps from the northwest corner of Old Town Square, it also borders the Church of St. Nicholas.
The nearest public transport station is Staroměstská metro station, line A and also the tram stop of the same name no. 2, 17 and 18. After getting off less than 5 minutes walk along Kaprova street. The guide will have a BellPrague sign.