Monday - December 7, 2020, 8:00 pm LIFE IS LIFE Black light Theatre performance


LIFE IS LIFE Black light Theatre performance

During this performance LIFE IS LIFE you can experience one ordinary day with the main character and one, maybe a little ordinary life. The things that surround you will get more human and will help you to spend the day to your liking. The day is full of experiences, but just like in life - everything has its (happy) end.
Another exciting piece from the workshop of phenomenal artist, graduate of Academy of fine arts in Prague, actor, screenwriter, director and set designer and painter František Kratochvíl (*1934), founder of Metro Black Light Theatre in Prague. František Kratochvíl started with his artistic practice at another renown Black Light Theatre –his colleague Jiří Srnec - already in 1961, since 1974 he has run his own theatre. The performance as "Miss Sony", "Anatomy of the Kiss", written in 1991, based on the previous play "Clown" are of his own.

For František Kratochvíl women were always inspirational, that’s why in 2014 he decided to publish the set of his own drawings and occasionally humorous graphics in his book Cherchez la Femme". Perfect recommendation as a nonverbal gift from Prague.​

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Must see:

Black Light Theatre Metro is the only theatre in Prague to reveal their secrets – by allowing audience members to participate in a post-performance workshop.
Workshop after every show
Don’t leave home after performance as you have unique chance to see the secret of the tricks. The artists will share with you and reveal the techniques of performed show.

Total length of the performance including the workshop is about 80 minutes​

The address of the performance:

Black Light Theatre Metro
Národní 25
Prague 1

How to get to the performance:

The Metro Palace – the house in Národní Street enjoys excellent downtown location. You can find it truly in the intersection of buzzing city life. Just a 10 minute walk from Wenceslas Square, following “28. října” and then “Národní” Street. Due to comfortable time of the beginning of the performance at 8:00 PM you can have pleasant dinner in one of many restaurants which surround the Palace Metro – the home of the theatre. For example café Louvre. 

Arrival by metro as public transportation – just 5 minute walk from yellow ( = B) metro line, the stop Národní třída, which is also the name for many of the trams as 2, 6, 9, 18, 20 or 22

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