Thursday - September 3, 2020, 10:00 am Old Town & New Town Leisure walk with local guide



Dear visitors,

You are in the section of regular organized tours open and intended for public, as in BellPrague website you can find also private tours - more info here. The benefit of these regular organized public tours is its availability for you, chance to meet new people, maybe your future friends, but still very personal attention of the guide.
Let´s take a walk to the places called New Town and Old Town of Prague
The Old Town was settled already during 10th Century, its current appearance dates back to both renaissance and baroque styles as well as 19 hundreds styles, especially, its Art Nouveau is fascinating and became typical for the New Town as well. Unlike from this first part, New Town was founded in the middle of 14th Century by our king and Emperor of Holy Roman Empire Charles IV. Naturally, many things throughout centuries were restyled. 
We will make a triangle walk following important center of Prague – pulsing heart of city, but what is important we will have the time to see hidden places, passages and we will chat about everyday life, you will get learn where Praguers come for shopping, what is iconic for them, where they like to come for traditional ice cream, where they like to relax, where they escape from tourists and you will have time for your questions and listening of authentic stories about Czechs of 20th and 21st Centuries. And we will not keep you for one tour for too much long smiley.

What you can expect?

The start of this tour is usually at 10:00 am (the time of the beginning of the tour is submited to changes, may vary sometimes!) in very common place - the statue of St. Wenceslas in upper part of Wenceslas square - just above Museum metro station (metro lines A and C). The guide will be there with BellPrague sign

Two hour relaxing leisure walk with local guide - a stroll walk along New and Old Towns of Prague. Sometimes BellPrague owner Barbra is guiding, sometimes her colleagues.

As we are small company, last chance to purchase this tour is two hours prior the start, shorter time upon the request. Thank you for understanding. 

The tour is guided in English language, but can be provided upon the request also in the other languages.

We are looking forward to show you our beautiful and pulsing city.