Thursday - September 16, 2021, 8:00 pm THE BEST OF IMAGE



About the of principles of Black Theatre

Black Light Theatre as an entertaining non-verbal performance, thus international language works with the effects of the light and colors. The Black Light Theatre is a kind of a team performance, where half of the actors and dancers are clearly visible to audience in their costumes, while the other members of the ensemble are dressed in black velvet, the same color as the curtain is, so you don´t see, how the tricks are performed.

 Program content of the performance THE BEST OF IMAGE:

"This time the above stated common and often used title honestly addresses selection of black theatre dance performances and comedy sketches that came out of creative workshop of Image Theatre. The performance is a compilation of scenes and images of the most successful productions that Image Theatre has offered to viewers within its almost 30 years of existence.

During this performance, typically Czech features of being inventive and sophisticated are in the service of simple, yet effective tricks, great dance and comedy without words."

The people behind the curtain:

Eva Asterová / Josef Tichý / Petr Liška / René Pyš
Eva Asterová
Music and sound effects
Zdeněk Zdeněk
Alexander Čihař


Swimmer: Petr LIŠKA / Josef TICHÝ / Erik DEMKO / Michal HECHT; Mosquito: René PYŠ / Michal HECHT / Lukáš ŠIMON / Erik DEMKO; Nebula: Lenka HYBLEROVÁ / Andrea KHEILOVÁ / Johana HÁJKOVÁ; Acid: Johana HÁJKOVÁ / Lenka HYBLEROVÁ / Martina ŠŤASTNÁ; Actress in black: Božena NUSSBERGEROVÁ / Evženie ŠTEFLOVÁ / Iva SEIDLOVÁ / Eva PLOCKOVÁ; Ring: Michal VLK / Dušan KMEŤ / Vojtěch VLASÁK / Ondřej NOVOTNÝ; Magic Light: Marek LHOTSKÝ / Juraj KLIMAŠOVSKÝ / Daniel RYBICKI; Black & White: Pavel PLOCEK / Michal VLK / Marek KAŠPAROVSKÝ.

The performance is non-verbal and takes 80-90 minutes without a break.

The address of the performance:

Black Light Theatre Image
Národní 25
Praha 1, 110 00

How to get to the performance:

The Black Light Theatre Image houses in the Metro Palace – the house in Národní Street enjoys excellent downtown location. You can find it truly in the intersection of buzzing city life. Just a 10 minute walk from Wenceslas Square, following “28. října” and then “Národní” Street. Due to comfortable time of the beginning of the performance at 8:00 PM you can have pleasant dinner in one of many restaurants which surround the Palace Metro – the home of the theatre. For example café Louvre. 
Arrival by metro as public transportation – just 5 minute walk from yellow ( = B) metro line, the stop Národní třída, which is also the name for many of the trams as 2, 6, 9, 18, 20 or 22.

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