Saint George Basilica in Prague castle

The basilica of Saint George was founded in the year 973 by prince Boleslav II and his sister Mlada (at her age of 12 years). Romanesque church and convent were intended for Benedictine nuns. The ex-church and ex-convent are considered as the oldest conventual place in our country. It was active convent until its dissolution in the year 1787. The abbess of this convent used to crown the queen of the country - the queen of Bohemian kingdom.

In 12th century were erected two spires built from limestone, in 13th century was built the chapel of St. Ludmila where this Patron Saint of the country is buried, 16th century brought renaissance changes - especially in the form of its southern entrance, while in the next 17th century was adjacent baroque chapel of Saint John of Nepomuk together with monumental western facade dedicated to Saint George and the founders.

Newly since January 2017 take place here every Saturday regular services - during winter season from November till March the masses start at 4:15 PM, while during summer season they begin from 5:15 PM. The services were renewed after more than 200 years when the Emperor Josef II abolished both the convent together with the church in the year 1782