St. Martin in the wall


The history of the place - St. Martin in the wall:

If you decide to attend this concert, then you are visiting one of the oldest churches in Prague - St. Martin in the wall which history is going back to the second half of 12th century.  The church was founded as Romanesque construction in between the years 1178 and 1187. The church became part of later constructed city walls - from here its unusual name, later it was situated on the border of both Old as well as the New Towns. During the reign of the Bohemian king and the Emperor of Holy Roman Empire Charles IV the church underwent gothic reconstruction. The main nave was newly vaulted, in southwestern corner was erected prismatic tower and newly built presbytery. Its rib celling vaulting ranks to the oldest in our country.

The church belongs today to The Evangelistic Church of Czech Brethren and represents the first place in Prague of Communion under both kinds.

The church is heated during winter!