The Church of Saint Giles


Saint Aegidius - Jiljí in Czech language or Saint Giles in English belonged in middle ages to the most favorite patron Saints. He was a hermit and had the tamed roe. One day the hind was hunted by the royal dogs, while the king shot out from the bow, he found in the bush injured Saint Giles holding alive hind in his arms, while dogs remained rooted to the ground by an unseen force. The main fresco in the church of Saint Giles depicts meeting of the king with wounded Saint Giles holding rescued doe.

An old capitol was standing here already in the 12th century, the first church was initiated during the reign of Bohemian king John of Luxembourg in the year 1339, consecrated after 30 years, for two hundred years it belong to Church practicing the Communion under both kinds and finally in the first half of 17th century the church was given to Dominicans who are using the place until nowadays. The sacral construction occupies significant part of Husova Street, from majority was preserved its gothic appearance with minimum baroque modifications, nevertheless the most significant performance of this style is presented through the frescos on the ceiling - above the choir with the motif of the Visigoth king and Saint Giles or the main part of the ceiling fresco celebrating the Order of Dominicans - everything executed by one of the most significant painters of baroque period Václav Vavřinec Reiner (1689 - 1743) who is also buried here.